Many a times you would come across the need to create Random Numbers in your script. And this random number requirement would come in different flavors – you might need to create a random number of a certain length, or you might want a random number within a specific range, or you might just need

Menu Items Missing in QTP?

October 10th, 2011 | Posted by Anish Pillai in QTP Concepts - (2 Comments)

Recently I saw a strange issue in QTP. I was executing some test case during which QTP crashed. I killed the QTP process from the task manager & when I restarted QTP, I found that many of the menu items were missing. Upon searching the web, I found out two solutions that work.

Did you ever face any situation where you needed to create global variables in QTP so that these global values can be used across multiple actions/functions within your test script? How did you tackle the problem then? If you would have noticed, QTP doesn’t provide any direct method to create global variables. But you can

The ideal way of learning QTP or for that matter any other tool is to go through the basics first. Once you are clear with the basics, you can start learning the advanced concepts of the tool. This article aims to list out all the basic concepts that QTP beginners should go through as

How many times have you searched websites & gone through various forums just to find out if a particular browser is supported by QTP? How much effort you spend to find out if QTP supports a particular character set? Or what all toolkits are there, that are QTP compatible?

Now, before starting with automating your manual test cases using QTP, wouldn’t it be a good idea to check whether your test cases can really be automated in the first place? Even if the test cases can be automated, is it really worth the effort? This article would help you find that out.

This article is basically for those who are completely new to QTP and are looking out for some very basic information like what QTP is all about, what it can do and why users can use QTP. The article is the first in a series of articles with an aim to help beginners learn

A great news for all the QTP enthusiasts. Tarun Lalwani would soon be releasing his new book on QTP – ‘And I thought I knew QTP!’. Also, the 2nd edition of the bestseller ‘QuickTest Professional Unplugged’ would also be released shortly.