About Anish Pillai

Anish Pillai holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from Apeejay College. He has 5+ years of experience in testing (both functional as well as automation testing). He has primarily been working on test automation using QTP and Selenium. He has more than 3 years of working experience on QTP and he has extensively worked on different types of automation frameworks such as BPT, Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Hybrid Framework and on different applications such as Web, Mainframe, Delphi, Visual Basic, Active X etc.

About Automation Repository

Automation Repository, started in August 2011, is an attempt to provide information rich articles on various aspects of QTP with an aim to be the one stop place you all your queries on QTP. The articles in this blog contain illustrative diagrams, examples and code snippets to help you understand various concepts in an easy manner. This blog contains many articles covering wide variety of topics ranging from basic QTP concepts to more specific/advanced topics targeting both beginners and experts.

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  • suchitra

    this website is very very useful for beginners. thank you very much .

    • Anish10110

      Thank you Suchitra… :):) Keep visiting.. 🙂

  • divya

    Want to thank you a lot for the wonderful job you are doing.

    The site is really informative and very useful keep doing the good work

    • Anish10110

      Thank You Divya.. 🙂

  • Veeru

    This site is very useful for testers thank you Anish

  • Akbar Hussain

    Hi Anish,

    Thanks for Artical on QTP Keyword Driven FW which i looking for …

    Akbar Hussain

  • Anish10110

    Thank you Akbar and Veeru.. :):) Please feel free to write to me if you have any suggestions for this blog.. 🙂

  • Rahul

    Hi Anish , I am a frequent visitor to ur posts … i need some help from u …
    I am testing for SAP R3 as well as web portals. In my application I have to frequently switch from SAP to Web and vice versa . For this I have to again again close QTP and restart QTP with the desired Add-In .please suggest some method that it can solve my purpose and i donot need to restart it again and again.

    • Anish10110

      I have never worked with SAP automation but I'm not sure why there is a need to close QTP.

      Can't you load both SAP and Web Add-ins at same time in QTP? By this method, you can open SAP and web portals without closing QTP as both the add-ins are always available in QTP. This is how we work usually when we work with multiple types of applications. I have used this approach with Mainframe – Web, Delphi Application – Web, and VB Application – Web combination and it has always worked without any issues. Let me know your thoughts on this.

  • sunny

    Hi Anish
    I am new to automation testing. Would like to know more about hybrid framework with code example if you have real time sinario(if possible Banking domain). I know so many constraints, just started career and so confused and nervous.


    • Anish10110

      Hey Sunny,

      I currently don't have any code example of hybrid framework but will send to you once its done. But what I feel is that if you are getting into automation testing, then domain really doesn't matter much. Domain would be an added advantage but it would not be a decided. Its the automation/coding skills that would matter more. What are your thoughts about it?

  • Ajay

    This website is very useful for beginners . i had a lot of doubt related to frame works. but now i have pretty good understanding in frameworks.


    • Anish10110

      Cool.. 🙂 So have you started working on the frameworks also??

  • shahed

    Hi Anish,

    Your blo is very informative. I really like it. Do you have any example how to write a driver script.

    Regards and many many thanks to you.


  • Deepika

    Hi Anish , I came across this site just few days by luck….I like the concepts that you have covered in this blog…ur manner of explaination is just great n the best part is that you authorize people to copy your code.People like you are an asset to our nation.
    Thanks a lot!!!

  • Amit

    Good Job man 🙂 Keep it Up 🙂

  • Amby

    Hi Anish, excellent blog with lot of stuffs. Thanks a lot.

  • Babu

    Hi Anish, The Blog is really awesome man…. Please keep on with such good works….We may follow you….Thank you

  • Deepak

    Hi Anish,
    The way you have explained the concepts is highly self explanatory. You are simply doing a great job. People like you need for this country who can spread the knowledge they have . Thanks a lot.

  • Rajaselvan

    Hi Anish,

    You have done a wonderfull job. This blog is very useful for me to know about the qtp framework. Keep it up.

  • Gourav

    Hi Anish,

    You are doing a wonderful work with this blog on Automation. It is very helpful.
    The best part is the simplistic language that you use to explain and demonstrate concepts. There are some other website but they go into technical language straight away and it becomes difficult for a new comer to understand. Also, you keep the explanation linked to a real life(project) experience that is also very helpful.
    Keep the good work going and Thanks.

    Apart from this, i want to suggest two small things that i observed on the website 🙂 minor though..
    Your experience, i am pretty sure, it has been two years since you started your blog so your overall automation experience would have become 4 years by now. You can update that in About section. 🙂
    In contact me section, I am not sure you wanted it intentionally – your email appears as anish[at]automationrepository[dot]com :). I guess, you wanted, anish@automation May be you can update that also 🙂

    None the less, really appreciate your effort for us learners. 🙂

  • Shree

    Anish, just started going through your articles. MUST say, this is amazing work!! I have seen quite a few articles about frameworks, but your posts are just what I was looking for. Moment people learn QTP next big thing is to figure out how to put together a framework and with all sorts of confusion around different ideologies out there – your explanation which has been put with such amount of detail and yet in simple terms is really GREAT to say the least.

    I usually read articles and leave it at that, but yours might be one of the few where I felt no pain to register and leave this note.

    Can't believe someone taking out time to share the knowledge and educate others, in an otherwise increasingly selfish world we live in. I can very much understand the effort and time you must be putting in to write these articles – kudos to you and others like you out there!!

    Not that I am a novice to QTP, but your work is a good read for the Experienced and the Beginners alike. I will certainly recommend it to my juniors and all my colleagues & friends.

    Will reach out to you if I have any questions once I complete reading your articles..

    Keep writing.. much appreciated!!