I guess many of you folks would have faced the situation where, when you run your test scripts in batch mode, the scripts start to fail after a while as your windows machine gets locked. Mostly this happens because the organizations you work for have certain security rules which

First of all, if you have still not downloaded the latest version of QTP (Unified Functional Testing – UFT 11.5), you can refer this article on how to download UFT 11.5. Once you have downloaded the trial version from HP website, you can install it by referring the steps mentioned below.

When you are running your Test Scripts, sometimes an accidental button press on your keyboard or mouse may interrupt your run session. To prevent this, QTP 11 provides a method that prevents keyboard and mouse input events from reaching applications.

Many a times when we are creating a QTP script, we tend to run it many number of times to validate small portions / functionalities in the script. And most of the times while running the test script, we let the settings in Run Dialog box remain as it is. In the Run Dialog Box

How many times have you searched websites & gone through various forums just to find out if a particular browser is supported by QTP? How much effort you spend to find out if QTP supports a particular character set? Or what all toolkits are there, that are QTP compatible?

A great news for all the QTP enthusiasts. Tarun Lalwani would soon be releasing his new book on QTP – ‘And I thought I knew QTP!’. Also, the 2nd edition of the bestseller ‘QuickTest Professional Unplugged’ would also be released shortly.

Tarun Lalwani, author of the immensely popular ‘QuickTest Professional Unplugged’, would soon be releasing the second edition of the book. Folks who have already purchased the 1st edition of the book, need not purchase the 2nd edition. Tarun has released an eBook version (in PDF format) of the updated chapters which is available FREE

This article is a compilation of some of the most popular blogs, websites, tutorials, forums and groups on QTP. No matter if you are a QTP beginner or an experienced hand, you would definitely find something that would interest you in these places.