To begin with, lets see what is an object (or test object) w.r.t. to QTP. A test object is an object used by QTP to represent an object in our AUT (Application Under Test). Each test object has a set of identification properties to identify it correctly in the application.

Numerous times we would have come across the situation where we need to use the Wait() function in our scripts. Consider a scenario where user has to script for auto timeout functionality of the application. i.e. the application under test (AUT) should log out automatically if its left idle for some fixed duration

Did you ever encounter a situation where you needed to search a sub-string inside a string? Of course InStr() is a great function which helps users solve this problem. But what happens when the sub-string you want to search contains a regular expression?

QTP 11 has provided a new feature to test the regular expressions that  automation testers might use in their object repository. This utility, named ‘Regular Expression Evaluator’, helps the users validate their regular expressions before the actual script execution.

How do you add objects to your Object Repository? Do you select the top level object, add all objects under it and then delete the ones not needed? Or do you add objects by selecting single object each time? Ever wondered how deleting an object effects the size of your object repository?

Terminal Emulators and QTP A Terminal Emulator is a program that allows a computer to access legacy applications running on Mainframe computers. These are various Terminal Emulator applications such as Hummingbird HostExplorer, Attachmate EXTRA!, NetManage RUMBA etc that allow a system to access the applications running on Mainframe machines.

Quick Test Professional 12.53 can be downloaded from HP website. The trial version of QTP is available as “UFT 12.53”. The trail period for the software is 30 days.

What is HP Passport? HP Passport is a Single Sign-In Service offered by HP that allows users to register to HP website by using a single User Id and Password. This single User Id and Password can be used with all the HP Passport enabled websites.