When you are running your Test Scripts, sometimes an accidental button press on your keyboard or mouse may interrupt your run session. To prevent this, QTP 11 provides a method that prevents keyboard and mouse input events from reaching applications.

Tarun Lalwani, author of the immensely popular ‘QuickTest Professional Unplugged’, would soon be releasing the second edition of the book. Folks who have already purchased the 1st edition of the book, need not purchase the 2nd edition. Tarun has released an eBook version (in PDF format) of the updated chapters which is available FREE

Most of the times, when you are creating test scripts or are designing a new QTP Framework, you would be trying to come up with reusable functions which you would have to store in the function library. Now, in order to use this function

QTP 11 has provided a new feature to test the regular expressions that  automation testers might use in their object repository. This utility, named ‘Regular Expression Evaluator’, helps the users validate their regular expressions before the actual script execution.

Quick Test Professional 12.53 can be downloaded from HP website. The trial version of QTP is available as “UFT 12.53”. The trail period for the software is 30 days.