Sometime back, we had published an article on how to download UFT 12.52 from HP website. Looks like HP has now released a new version of the tool – UFT 12.53. In this post, we will list down the new features that have been added to UFT 12.53.

We had previously talked about a method whereby you can use Windows Media Player to prevent Windows from getting locked while your QTP/UFT batch run is in progress. Here are few more alternative methods you can use to make this work

The latest version of HP UFT 12.52 (Unified Functional Testing), formerly QuickTest Professional (QTP), can be downloaded from HP website. As with the previous versions of UFT, the trial version is available for use for 30 days.

We started the ‘Hybrid Framework in QTP‘ series with an article that covered the basics of hybrid framework in QTP. This series of posts would be concluded here in this 5th and final part where we will cover some of the remaining topics about the hybrid framework. We will also provide the sample framework code

In the previous article on Hybrid Framework in QTP, we started writing the code to create the Hybrid Framework. We created one test script (in linear fashion) and then implemented the features of QTP modular framework into it. In this article, we will take up the same framework and extend it further

Continued from previous article – Designing Hybrid Framework in QTP (Part 1). In this article, we will start looking at the process of creating a hybrid framework from scratch. This article would concentrate more on the coding aspects of the hybrid framework. We will start with a basic test script

In the previous article on QTP Hybrid Framework, you saw the hybrid framework from a generic point of view. That article highlighted the very basic information about hybrid frameworks, such as – what a hybrid framework is, its structure and some important features that are common across multiple hybrid frameworks.

From all the QTP Framework articles that we have posted on this blog till now, this series of articles (about the hybrid framework) is be the most important one. The sole reason for this is – “Hybrid framework is the most commonly used framework in test automation projects.”