Sometime back, we had published an article on how to download UFT 12.52 from HP website. Looks like HP has now released a new version of the tool – UFT 12.53. In this post, we will list down the new features that have been added to UFT 12.53.

We had previously talked about a method whereby you can use Windows Media Player to prevent Windows from getting locked while your QTP/UFT batch run is in progress. Here are few more alternative methods you can use to make this work

The latest version of HP UFT 12.52 (Unified Functional Testing), formerly QuickTest Professional (QTP), can be downloaded from HP website. As with the previous versions of UFT, the trial version is available for use for 30 days.

Does QTP support ???

July 13th, 2013 | Posted by Anish Pillai in QTP Basic Stuff - (8 Comments)

Consider the following queries – Does QTP 10 support Windows 7? Does QTP 10/11 support IE 9? Does QTP 11 support any particular Firefox/Chrome version? These are few among the many common questions that automation testers would want to know when they start with an automation project or when they work on some POC

This article is an updated version of a previous article on QTP product availability matrix (PAM). This article underlines the steps which you need to follow to download the product availability matrix PDFs for all the QTP/UFT versions provided by HP.

This article is an extension of the previous article on UFT 11.5 – How to install UFT 11.5 Trial Version. This article explains how you can actually use the 30-Day Trial version in UFT 11.5. Before you install the trial license, make sure that you have gone through

First of all, if you have still not downloaded the latest version of QTP (Unified Functional Testing – UFT 11.5), you can refer this article on how to download UFT 11.5. Once you have downloaded the trial version from HP website, you can install it by referring the steps mentioned below.

HP has released the latest version of QTP and it is being called HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 11.5. As mentioned in the previous article on the features of the new UFT 11.5, the trial version of UFT 11.5 is now available for download from HP website.