We had previously talked about a method whereby you can use Windows Media Player to prevent Windows from getting locked while your QTP/UFT batch run is in progress. Here are few more alternative methods you can use to make this work

The latest version of HP UFT 12.52 (Unified Functional Testing), formerly QuickTest Professional (QTP), can be downloaded from HP website. As with the previous versions of UFT, the trial version is available for use for 30 days.

HP has released the latest version of QTP and it is being called HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 11.5. As mentioned in the previous article on the features of the new UFT 11.5, the trial version of UFT 11.5 is now available for download from HP website.

HP has launched would soon be launching the latest version of QuickTest Professional (QTP). This new version of QTP is called HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 11.5. Below is the sneak preview of some of the important new features that will be available in UFT 11.5

This article contains the basic information about ‘Actions in QTP’. The main points that you would read in this presentation is listed below. 1) What are QTP Actions 2) What are the different types of QTP actions 3) How actions access data from QTP data tables 4) How to call actions in your QTP scripts

Till now, we have covered many aspects of the Keyword Driven Framework in detail. This would be the last article of the Keyword Driven Framework series. In this article, we will see the actual implementation of the Keyword Driven Framework mapped at functional level

In the previous article on Keyword Driven Framework mapped at Operation Level, we covered the basic features of the UFT keyword driven framework that we would be creating here. The article contained information about the components that can be used in this framework as well as the general flow of the test cases. In this … Read more

In the previous article on Keyword Driven Framework, we covered the basics of the framework such as what Keyword Driven Framework actually is, what are the main components used in this framework, its generic flow and the common Keyword Driven Framework structures that are used most frequently. We had seen that based upon how keywords