QTP Websites

Below are some good websites/blogs/forums (in no particular order) on QTP that would help you learn more of QTP.

Help us Improve this Article !!! If you are aware of any good QTP websites that is not a part of the above list, then please use the comments section to share it with us. Your efforts would really help all the readers have access to some great content on QTP!

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  • Dinesh Robinson

    How about adding "HP Communities – Functional Testing/ QTP Support Forum" to this list. All you need is a HP Passport to post your queries.
    <a href="; target="_blank">…</a>


    • Anish10110

      Thanks a lot for the link Dinesh.. 🙂

  • vivek

    Hi Anish,
    Great help provided by you for QTP. Thanks a lot.

    • Anish10110

      Thank you Vivek.. 🙂

  • vinay reddy

    Hi Anish,

    please also look into the website <a href="; target="_blank"></a&gt;.

    This website is by SP Reddy who has got over more than 7+ years of experience in QTP.

  • sachin

    Hi Anish,

    Grt work!!!!!!

    Plz also add the link of GC

  • Hi Anish,
    Great compilation!
    I just wanted to clarify that sometime ago actually the <a href="; target="_blank"></a> were incorporated into the <a href="; target="_blank"></a> website. A single registration process is now required to be part of both.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • durga

    u did great work… words….

    • Anish10110

      Thank You.. 🙂

  • Kam

    Any one help me on the below query:

    I have recently started working on QTP 9.1 automation testing. My colleague able to execute the scripts via QC 9.2 but when i execute the same it fails and says you are running on IE 7.1.But we have only IE 6.1,QTP 9.1 and QC 9.2

    Any one help me on this please

    • Anish10110

      What is the exact error you are getting??

  • Mahesh

    is there any website for selenium?

    • Anish10110

      No Mahesh.. All the links mentioned here are specific to QTP

  • karthick

    I have gone through a good website particularly for QTP. Please add the link to this article too. ''

  • website for qtp scripts <a href="; target="_blank">QTP Scripts</a>

  • guest

    I would also suggest a general test automation blog, however focusing on HP QTP: <a href="; target="_blank"></a&gt;

  • Anil

    Really u did a great help Anish, I am grateful to you for the information u have provided.

  • Guest

    I found the <a href="; target="_blank"></a> very useful for learning new version of QTP .
    Material is designed as per the latest release.


  • sssssss

    I am not able to get the audio. Only video is there.
    Can you pls tell me how to get Audio and Video both.
    Like which plyaer….

    • Anish10110

      If you are referring to the audio in the videos, then it is nit there. The videos are recorded without sound.. That's why I have added comments description inline in the videos..

  • Bala

    plz send me HP QTP 10.0 version free download link my mail

  • paul

    I found this tutorial on Automation object model "; quite useful.


  • Kirti Saxena

    This is very helpful list. I also found <a href="; target="_blank">…</a>
    very helpful. Found missing so just wanted to share.

  • uday is very helpful

  • yamanoor dodamani

    one of my frnd Vishalaxi navi is now doing software testing course but she didn't understand the syllabus so please tell me the easy way to learn it smoothly…

  • yamanoor dodamani

    For more QTP Tutorials, you can visit our QTP Tutorials page. You can also visit ourDownload Page to view all the downloadable content.

  • yamanoor dodamani

    thanks for site…thanks a lot

  • Vishal

    Anish this is the one of good websites for QTP.

    I need an help from you..

    I have a client website to automation. I am unable to decide the framework which I should be using. whether to go with Keyword or Data Driven, on what basis we need to decide?

    The web application is very stable and do not change often , existing functionality remains same, new changes might occur, its build in java…

    I am using QTP 10. and IE 7 . Please suggest me

    These is the format I have got the test cases from the clients.

    Test Case: Regression Find Group
    Expected Result

    Log on to Globe with an user that
    has an OOE Reporter role
    Globe Home is shown

    Select the
    Find group screen
    Find group screen is

    Search for a
    group using a full name in the
    find group field
    shows the results on
    the ‘Find Group’ screen

    Click on clear button
    Empty screen is shown

    Search for a
    group using a partial name in the find group field
    shows the results on
    the ‘Find Group’ screen

    Click on clear
    Empty screen is shown

    Search for
    another group using the Global BCDB ID in the find group field
    shows the results on
    the ‘Find Group’ screen

    Click on clear
    Empty screen is shown

    Search for
    another group using a wild card in
    the find group field
    shows the results on
    the ‘Find Group’ screen

    Click on clear
    Empty screen is shown

    Please reply to

  • pravin

    you are great boss!! excellent article

  • Abhijit Biradar

    nice collection 🙂

  • kumar and

  • kumar

    Hi Anish..!

    in my application qtp is identifying weblist objects as webedits, while spying also qtp is same, by this cause i am not able to proceed further in automation testing, so can u please guide me what will i do to identify objects as weblist.


    • yamunag

      Make sure you are using the appropriate version of Internet Explorer browser for the corresponding QTP Version to use Web Applications and also the patches if needed.

      Yamuna G.
      <a href=";
      title="Test Automation"><strong>Test

    • anand

      If the webList is identifying as web Edit, we can use Wshell script and we can use the send keys concept to click the object and continue the autotmation testing

  • showkath alikhan


    Earlier i was using mtm to run the batch in qtp11
    and it was running but in UFT 11.5 am facing the issue with mtm and
    status is displaying as 'Unable to run Test Script' in the mtm results.

    Any suggessions..Thanks for upcoming help

  • Peter Son

    Thanks for sharing this article.

    testing training</a>

  • Peter Son

    Thanks for sharing this article.

    training Chennai</a>

  • Dima Pete is an awesome site that has QTP video tutorials 🙂

  • Dan Advol

    Two of my favorite sites I use are Great for a good read up on starting with Qtp. And ther other site is Awesome videos for everything automation related.

  • Harsh Patel
  • Bùi Ánh Tuyết

    Help me!

    When i record a web page, repository object of this page is changes


    Frist record: Browser("Browser").Page("page")

    Second record: Browser("Browser").Page("page_1")

    Thirdrecord: Browser("Browser").Page("page_2")


    Why? How to page name is fixed after getting record?

    • yamunag

      Here we cannot fix the page name but we can use Regular Expression to fix it as the numbers in the page number is dynamic
      For ex:

      Yamuna G.
      <a href=";
      title="Test Automation"><strong>Test Automation</strong></a>

    • anand

      Here, we can use below code that is descriptive programming to identify the page that is dynamically changing, The below code will identify the page in the first browser


      Here the creation time is the browser,

      If it is 0 first browser
      if it is 1 it is second browser

  • ramakrishna
  • ramakrishna

    2 web browsers are opened each browser has different webedit boxes and different webelemtns,links how to pass the data from excel in different webedit boxes in that opened 2 webpages..

    • Prats!

      you can prefer the creation time here!

  • nijan g

    Hi Anish,
    this article is very useful.
    title="Test Automation"><strong>Test

  • antony

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  • Magulan

    I am new to QTP.

    Why below code is not working? I am trying to pass the pageName dynamically

    Browser(“Browser”).Navigate linkURL
    pageName = Browser(“Browser”).Page(“micclass:=Page”).GetROproperty( “title” )
    Browser(“Browser”).Page(pageName).WebEdit(“Write something…”).set(msg)

    Please help me on this!

  • serene

    closing an Excel file which opens from web application. Could anyone please tell me how can I close that file. The recorded script doesn't work.

  • Great job Anish, i found your site from Google Search.

    I am new to Qtp and trying to pass pagename dynamically, is it right way to do?

    By the way here are 2 resources i found, that may help your resources list.



  • Really u did a great job Anish, I am grateful to you for giving this information..<a href="; > QAQTPt online training </a>.