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Some of the Best Online Resources for QTP on the Web

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This article is a compilation of some of the most popular blogs, websites, tutorials, forums and groups on QTP. No matter if you are a QTP beginner or an experienced hand, you would definitely find something that would interest you in these places.

Please visit for a more comprehensive list of QTP Websites.

QTP Websites/Blogs

  • LearnQTP by Ankur Jain.
    With more than 10,000 subscribers, Learn QTP is one of the most widely read blogs on QTP. The blog contains plethora of articles and QTP tutorials catering to the needs of both QTP beginners and experts. One of the best features of this blog is the way Ankur explains the concepts so that it is easily understood.
  • Relevant Codes by Anshoo Arora.
    Started in mid 2009, Relevant Codes contains some very good articles on QTP as well as VBScript & Automation Frameworks. Most of the topics you would find in this blog, deal with many advanced concepts in QTP. If you are a person interested in learning about some of the advanced concepts in QTP, then this is the right place for you.
  • by Dmitry Motevich.
    Although the most recent article of this blog was posted around 2009 end, contains lots of good QTP articles. You would see that the articles in this blog contain lots of images and illustrations so that it becomes easier for the user to grasp the concepts.
  • KnowledgeInbox by Tarun Lalwani.
    Tarun Lalwani’s blog contains many articles on QTP, Business Process Testing and VBScript. Together with this, the blogs Downloads section provides some good tools that can be used with QTP.

  • Advanced QTP.
    AdvancedQTP is another good place where you would find lots of good articles on QTP. Apart from lots of basic stuff, you would find very good articles on some of the advanced concepts in QTP. Other than the articles, this site also hosts the very popular AdvancedQTP forums as well as the downloadable pdf version of Dani Vainstein’s QTP book – ‘Scripting Quicktest Professional’.
  • Mohan Kumar Kakarla’s Blog.
    Need some readymade code snippets to directly use in your scripts? Then Mohan’s blog is the place you should visit. Although the blog is not updated much frequently, but it contains lots of examples and code snippets on various QTP topics.

QTP Forums

  • SQAForums.
    With more than 30K threads and close to 150K posts, SQAForums is by far the most widely used forums on QTP. Apart from QTP, SQAForums hosts threads for a variety of testing tools as well as topics on General Software Testing. If you have any query on QTP, you would most likely find some positive replies on SQAForums.
  • LearnQTP Forums.
    LearnQTP forum launched in January 2008 is one of the most active forums on QTP on the web. The forum with more than 5K threads and 17K posts has a set of very active moderators and members who make sure that your queries are addressed as soon as possible.
    Another great place to get your QTP related queries addressed. MercuryQTP group, started in October 2006 has close to 3000 members and has seen more than 9000 discussions on various QTP topics.

QTP Books

  • QuickTest Professional Unplugged by Tarun Lalwani.
    A very good book that covers lots of topics on QTP such as DOM, .Net Classes, Windows API, Quality Center, MS Office products such as MS Word, Excel, Outlook etc. You would be amazed at the wealth of information available in the book . A must have book for QTP enthusiasts.
  • Scripting Quicktest Professional by Dani Vainstein.
    Scripting QuickTest Professional is a QTP book (in free to download pdf format) that covers a range of articles on QTP starting from basics of VBScript and moving on to some advanced topics such as DotNetFactory, Windows32 API etc. Another must read book for those who want to improve their QTP skills.

P.S.: This article, by no means, would have covered all the good online QTP resources. There would surely be many other good QTP blogs that I would have missed out. You can help us in improving this article. Please use the comments section to share your favorite QTP blogs. Your inputs are highly appreciated.  Happy Reading.. ::-))

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