In the previous article on Data Driven Framework using QTP Data Tables, you saw how you can add data in QTP Data Table and then write a script that can fetch data from this Data Table. This is the most basic method and also the easiest to implement. But the issue with this approach is

In the previous article, we saw the common string manipulation functions that can be used in QTP. In this article, we will cover the arithmetic or math functions that can be used in QTP. Before we begin with this article, please note that you would not be using arithmetic functions as often

This article (and few more upcoming articles on VBScript Function Reference) is an extension of the QTP VBScript Tutorial series that we had started sometime back. In this article, you would see some of the important and common VBScript string manipulation functions that you would most likely be using almost daily while working with QTP.

In the last couple of articles, we covered QTP Linear Framework (and its two main limitations) and saw how QTP Modular Framework can overcome one of these limitations. In this article, we will see how you can use Data Driven Framework in QTP to overcome the 2nd limitation (data re-usability) of the linear framework approach.

In the last article, you had seen how to create test scripts using QTP’s Linear Framework approach. The article discussed its advantages & disadvantages and covered the various components used to design the linear framework. We will now move a step further and discuss QTP’s Modular Framework and see how it overcomes

In the previous article, we discussed what a test automation framework is all about and also provided brief overview about various QTP framework types that you can use while scripting. Starting with this article, we will cover each of the QTP framework types in detail. In this article, we will cover the following aspects

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In the previous article, we saw the basics of Descriptive Programming in QTP. In this article, we will discuss few more important concepts that will help you use descriptive programming more effectively.