In this article, you would see how to access emails in outlook, how to send emails using outlook and how to access different properties of an email item. To access email items, you can use MailItem class which contains the methods and properties to work with email items.

In this article, you’ll see how you can work with Outlook Contacts. We’ll cover various topics such as how to access Outlook Contacts, how to retrieve properties (such as name, telephone number, email id etc) from an Outlook Contact, how to search for a Contact, how to create a new Contact, delete a Contact etc.

Till now, we have covered the basics of automating MS Outlook as well as overview of Outlook Object Model. In this article, you’ll see how you can access the Outlook folders and work with them. You would see how to find specific folder by name, how to create a new folder in outlook, how to

In the previous article (Part 1: Automating Outlook using QTP | General Introduction), we read about the General Introduction about Automating Outlook using QTP. Before proceeding any further with automating different functionalities in MS Outlook, it would be a good idea to have basic understanding of some of the important objects in Outlook Object Model.

From today, we are starting off a series of articles on how to automate Microsoft Outlook using QTP. In these articles, we’ll try to cover the important and frequently used functionalities of MS Outlook. In this first article, we will start with the basics of Outlook automation and later would move on to more specific/advanced