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Download QTP Latest Version (v12.53) from HP

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Quick Test Professional 12.53 can be downloaded from HP website. The trial version of QTP is available as “UFT 12.53”. The trail period for the software is 30 days.

UFT Download

1. Open this link. The webpage that is displayed contains ‘Analysis reports’, ‘Data sheets’, ‘ebooks’, ‘Trial software’, ‘Webinars’ & ‘White papers’ links as shown below.

Download QTP 11
2. Expand ‘Trial software’ node. ‘HP Functional Testing 11.00 Evaluation’ is available as a link under Trial software node.
HP Functional Testing 11.00 Evaluation
3. Click on ‘HP Functional Testing 11.00 Evaluation’ link. ‘HP Passport Single Sign-in Service’ Screen is displayed.
HP Passport Single Sign-in Service
4. Sign in to HP Passport. In case of a new user, click here to register.
5. Click on ‘I Agree’ on ‘Evaluation Software Terms of Use’ page.
Evaluation Software Terms of Use
6. ‘HP Evaluation Software Download Items’ page is displayed. This page displays QTP 11 download link. QTP 11 is available for download as an ISO file (Size ~3.7GB)
QTP 11 Download Link

7. HP would mail the download link to user’s mail id. Open the download link from the mailbox. Clicking on the link would open ‘Electronic Download’ page as shown below.
QTP Electronic Download Page

8. Click on Login link and Sign-In to HP Passport Service. User is again redirected to the Electronic Download page as shown below.
QTP Electronic Download Page

9. Enter the necessary details and click on Submit button. User is directed to ‘Software downloads and licensing’ page as shown below.
QTP 11 Download Link

10. Click on Get Software link. On the new page that is displayed, navigate to the bottom of the page. The page displays ‘Download Directly’ and ‘Use HP Download Manager’ button.
QTP 11 Download

11. Download QTP 11 using any of the two buttons.
Note: The QTP software gets downloaded in ISO format. User would need an ISO reader to install the software.


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  • kamal


    How can i use trial version?


    • Hi Kamal,

      Are you facing any particular issues while downloading/installing QTP? Or are you looking out for how to start with QTP basics? For QTP Basics, you can try going through the QTP help available with QTP. It explains all the basic concepts. For practice you can use the default flight applications (windows and web based) that come with QTP.

      For sample flight application go to Start -> All Programs -> QuickTest Professional -> Sample Applications & then you can select any of the sample applications.

      Please let me know if you need any more information on this.

  • Sureehs

    It is okay, but QTP 11 is 3.6 GB, how to download that much, it is taking time. If power went off, we have to start the download the starting onwards. How to download large files, 3.6 GB fast?

    • Anish10110

      Hi Sureehs,

      Downloading 3.6GB would take bit of time depending upon the internet speed. It took me around 8-10 hrs to download it using 2GB connection. And rather than the direct download, you can download it using HP download manager. Here you have the option to pause/resume your downloads and thus you can download QTP in chunks in 2-3 days if you wish.
      When we download using HP download manager, it saves the partially downloaded files in our hard drive. So i feel that even if the power went off, we should be able to resume from the same place. I have not given it a try, but I'll try to see if I can find any more info on this. You can refer the below link for more information on download manager.
      <a href="; target="_blank">…</a>

      If you plan to download QTP11 using HP download manager, please share your experience with us as to much much total time it took for you to download the file and if HP download manager is useful or not.

  • Siva

    Hi Anish,
    I had followed all your instruction to download and installed successfully. But it is showing "License error" whenever i try to invoke QTP. I know this is 30 days trail version but why is it asking me the license instead of opening??

    • Anish10110

      Did you previously install QTP in your system?? Or is this is first time? Because if you had previously installed the trial version, it would not allow you to use it.

      Also, when you install QTP or try to open it, you will see a License Warning window. There you have to click on 'Continue' button rather than 'Install License' button.

      • Siva

        Yes, I have used QTP 9.5 , 10.0 and now installed QTP 11.0. So, I think i need to do clear un-installation of previous versions. If you have guides to do this, please share

        Also there is no option for Continue button to by pass the license warning in QTP 11.0

  • Karthik

    Hi Anish,

    Let me know the perfect supporting OS to use QTP 11.

    • Anish10110

      Hello Karthik.. Both XP and Windows 7 work well with QTP 11. You can google 'QTP Product Availability Matrix' for QTP 11. There you will find complete information about this.

      • Hossain Contact

        Hello Anish where wud I get QTP 11, plz get me a link , I want to use it in win 7.

  • zukin

    I can't download QTP 11, you can share on mediafile for me

    • Anish10110

      Hi Zukin,

      I don't have the installable with me. Can you please share the issue occurring at your end?

  • Sunny

    I just install an evaluation version of QTP11 on XP professional PC. No any problem at installation, but when I launch the QTP application, it comes

    "License Error: This machine does not have a valid Quick Test Professional license. For more detail, please refer to the Quick Test Professional Installation Guide. You must install a valid license and then restart Quick Test Professional

    Any one can help me.

    Thanks a lot

  • priya

    can i get the QTP 11 crack

  • venkat


    Let me know How to download and Installation process the QTP 11 version.
    Please help me ASAP.

  • Priyadharshini

    Once i installed QTP trial version and that got over and Now if i try to install it again im not able to . What is the reason?

  • Auto

    HI Anish,

    Will this work on andriod machine ??

  • pravin

    simple tricks to extend qtp 11 trial version.go the link below

  • shashank

    i have a problem with my QTP 10.0 schedule manager. Can i download the trial version for free?

  • Chinna Bitragunta

    how to install qtp s/w in windows 8

  • VinayKumar

    Those who want to keep the trial version of qtp running for ever ,use the application 'run as date'.
    Install qtp and run the 'run as date' application, then follow the instruction which comes along with it in text file.
    This software is hardly about 31 kb in size and no installation is required, just extract it from zip file. It is working with UFT 11.5.
    This application injects the date of installation of QTP /other software into its associated registry rather than the system date whenever u launch the software(QTP/other).Search run as date on google.

  • shelly

    hi, I tried to install the trial version of UFT, when I click on SETUP icon in the folder and then click on the first link – Unified Functional Testing Setup- I get this warning:Current Operating System is not supported to install this software package

  • hrithik

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