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Download UFT Latest Version (v12.53) from HP

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The latest version of HP UFT 12.52 (Unified Functional Testing), formerly QuickTest Professional (QTP), can be downloaded from HP website. As with the previous versions of UFT, the trial version is available for use for 30 days.

UFT 12.52 Installation Packages

HP provides the following 2 installation packages for UFT 12.52 –

a) Full Installation Package (Size 2.3 GB) which contains –
– UFT Add-in for ALM
– Run Results Viewer
– License Server Setup
– Setup programs for Extensibility Accelerator, the Extensibility SDKs, and the Web 2.0 add-ins

b) Compressed UFT Installation Package (Size 916 MB) which installs the same features as the UFT installation setup program but does not include options to perform independent installations of the Unified Functional Testing Add-in for the ALM, the Run Results Viewer, Extensibility SDKs, or the License Server.

Steps to Download UFT 12.52 from HP website

1) Open UFT 12.52 download link. You will see a page as shown in the below screenshot.

UFT 12.52 Download - Landing Page
2) Scroll down a bit where you will see the ‘Download Now’ button.

UFT 12.52 - Download Now
3) Click on ‘Download Now’ button. You will be taken to the sign-up page.

UFT 12.52 Download - Sign up form
4) Fill up the form and click on ‘Sign Up’ button. You will see the below message.

UFT 12.52 - Sign up Complete
5) Open your email account and search for the email from HP. Click on ‘Confirm Email’ link. Your email will be confirmed and you will be navigated to HP Enterprise login page

UFT 12.52 Download - HPE Login Page
6) Login with your account details. You will see that UFT has been added to your product lists.
UFT 12.52 Download - My Account
7) Click on ‘Download’ button. You will now be taken to a new page which gives you two different UFT packages – a) Full package & b) Compressed package
UFT 12.52 - Installation Packages

8) Click on any of the above links to start the download process on your machine.
UFT 12.52 - Download Confirmation

In case you face any issues while downloading UFT 12.52, please feel free to contact us using email or using the comments section.


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  • suresh


    Does UFT 12.52 support QT and QWT?
    Whether UFT 12.52 supports QWT ?

    i know that UFT supports QT but i really have no idea about wether the UFT 12.52
    support QWT or not pleas help us.

    Qt + QWT application + UFT while automation application crashes at startup.

    inbox me

  • Dasari Purna

    hello i am purna while i am clicking on the a full version then it is showing resource not found, can anyone help me please

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