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How to install 30-Day Trial License in UFT 11.5

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This article is an extension of the previous article on UFT 11.5 – How to install UFT 11.5 Trial Version. This article explains how you can actually use the 30-Day Trial version in UFT 11.5.

Before you install the trial license, make sure that you have gone through all the pre-requisites mentioned in the previous article. After you have done so, start installing UFT 11.5 till you reach the final step where the installation of UFT 11.5 is complete. After that, follow the below video, which provides a detailed explanation on how you can use the 30-Day trail seat license in UFT 11.5

If you face any issues with the download or installation process, you can get in touch with us through email or using the comments section.

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  • SP Manore

    I'm not being propmted to select which type of license (seat or concurrent) is applicable. It's always sending me to the license server screen. I'm just trying to do an eval so I have no license server.

    • Anish10110

      Is this the first time you are installing any version of QTP on your machine???

  • bharati

    I am not being able to install the UFT 11.5 version on my system. While clicking on set up nothing is happening.The system is Windows 7 sp3 32bit and browser IE8. Please suggest!!

    • Is there a possibility that the download got corrupted?? Otherwise it should atleast work when you click on set up.

  • Irina

    Hi. Interesting article. Unfortunately after uninstalling (because of wrong installation) and trying to install again in the Licence wizard step I am not asked if I want a Seat or Concurrent Licence but already asked a code for the "concurrent licence". I have no second chance to follow your tips. Any clue how I can get back to having a choice? And how does it know after uninstalling that I "must have chosen" a concurrent licence before? I have to say that I didn't and don"t have any other QTP or UFT version installed. I just wanted to install UFT11.5 trial, it failed. I checked for tips and articles, uninstalled UFT and tried to install again

  • newbie

    After installing, when i open the file, instead of continue, i get cancel option & it's asking me to install the license. could you pls help?

  • harish besant

    Everything is fine, am happy about your blog. Thanks admin for sharing the unique content, you have done a great job I appreciate your effort.

  • sowmya

    its not showing download button laptop sir

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