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QTP/UFT – How to download Product Availability Matrix from HP website

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This article is an updated version of a previous article on QTP product availability matrix (PAM). This article underlines the steps which you need to follow to download the product availability matrix PDFs for all the QTP/UFT versions provided by HP. (If you are not aware about this document or its usefulness, I would suggest you to read this article – QTP product availability matrix and its usefulness)

Prerequisite for downloading PAM from HP website

The only prerequisite for downloading PAM, or for that matter anything else from HP website is that you need to have HP Passport login credentials.

Downloading PAM from HP Website

You can either check the video given below or you can follow the steps mentioned after the video to download QTP product availability matrix PDFs.

Step 1) Open the following link –
Hp Support OpenView Page

Step 2) Click on “Sign-in with HP Passport” link at the top of the page.
Hp Passport - Login Page

Step 3) Enter your user id and password. And sign-in to the portal. You would be redirected back to the starting page.
Hp Passport Sign In

Step 4) From the main page, click on Downloads tab.
HP Support OpenView Page - Downloads Section

Step 5) Now, click on the Product Manuals section.
HP Support OpenView Page - Product Manuals Section

Step 6) From the Product Manuals page, select the product, the product version and operating system as shown in the below figure. Once you have selected all the values, click on Search button given at the bottom of the page.
HP Product Manuals - Search Page

Step 7) The search results would display all the manual for that QTP version. One of the manuals would be the latest product availability matrix pdf.
QTP Product Availabality Matrix - Search Results

From the above image, you can see that the latest version of the PAM is from Jun 17, 2013. (This PAM file would contain information about all the patches that have been made available for the QTP version till that date).

It’s always advisable that you download the PAM from the HP website rather than downloading it from any forum or website. This because there are more chances of you finding the updated PAM (with latest patch information) from the HP website. Try it out and let us know if you face any issues while downloading it.

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